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The Lunar Gateway is a stepping stone. Basically, we know how to make a space station. We know how to work and live, and keep astronauts alive on a space station. So it makes sense to start by having a space station. And then to start with the lunar bases.

It also makes sense to have a handy escape location should things start going wrong in said lunar base. The energy required to get up to the Lunar gateway is bugger all compared to the energy that would be required to get all the way back to Earth if things go pear shaped. It's also a good idea to have a close location to fall back to if things start looking hairy, for the Astronauts to be safe and able to think clearly, and then plan what needs to be done to repair the problems, restock and head back down. Heading all the way back to Earth first and then back again would be a much more expensive and much longer time period before you get back to fix the problems, and much more likely to no longer be salvagable by the time you get back...

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