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Excuse me, what just happened? Resilience is tough when your failure is due to a 'sequence of events that was almost impossible to foresee'

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That's great for those who have a full complement of redundant infrastructure, but few companies are willing to spend millions building infrastructure that sits idle except for the most critical business applications that have no tolerance for downtime during a disaster.

Other applications might do stuff like keep the development/QA/etc. stuff in another datacenter and designate that as production DR - obviously you can't do what you suggest without halting development for a week. Some companies contract with a DR specialist that has equipment ready to go but they charge for its use (as well as of course being ready for its use) so you wouldn't run your production on it except in a true DR scenario.

What you suggest makes sense in theory but no one is willing to risk it due to all the unknowns - let's say a change is made to how monthly or quarterly closing is done, and that change isn't properly integrated into the DR system. You fail over to DR then your month end closing blows up. Sure, it served a purpose by alerting you to the improper change, but in a really complex environment this kind of thing will happen often enough that the guys in charge will eventually put a stop to that sort of "throw us in the fire and see if we burn" type of testing.

At least when you have a true DR event, everyone is watching things really closely and they are expecting things like this that fell through the cracks so they can be responded to more quickly because you already have the right people on a 24x7 crisis call. In the non-true DR scenario unless the fix is obvious to whoever gets paged about it, you're going to end up having to round up people and open a conference line to resolve an issue that didn't have to happen, and the application owner involved is going to question why the heck we need to go looking for problems and roping him into a call on the weekend that didn't need to happen.

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