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What have I been doing?

Well I have saved over 3grand a year in fuel. I have had an extra 3 hours or more to help my kids with their homework and teach them science, help them fix their pushbike etc. I have increased my output and worked with my fellow workers to deliver the promises made, I have done free overtime, I have lost weight and lowered my blood pressure with less stress, better food and exercise.

In return the company doesn't require to fund my office space (about 3grand a year rent, heating, coffee, security). It gets built in disaster residence - my laptop has the git source code in case the office server gets burnt, even if my house flooded I am quite sure Fred's won't have done, no thief is going to go to every house of the whole team (thousands of miles for a start). Work from home is a win for all but the Chinese dickless wonder who doesn't get his highs from bullying the staff or eyeing up the receptionists clevage

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