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I've had the run around from office printing as well. The funny thing about this is that it used to work fine on large scale corporate networks. I was an 'accidental Intel employee' back in the 2000s and so was integrated into their "Mother of All IT Systems" where everything was managed and monitored by some shadowy distant office. I got some idea of the scope of this system when I had to decamp from California to Haifa for a week. My login credentials on a random computer brought up my US desktop and applications but my request to print something came out on a local printer rather than one thousands of miles away. Everything worked as promised but this was definitely the exception that proved the rule. I've never seen this trick worked anywhere else -- it 'kinda, sorta' does but never quite lives up to the promise -- suggesting that either Intel had some exceptional IT staff or a direct line to Microsoft.

(I'm still waiting for Microsoft to catch up with 'ix'. Just about everything they do is a copy of what everyone's been doing on 'ix for years, albeit with a proprietary twist that 'almost works'.)

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