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BT promises firmware update for Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi discs to prevent obsessive Big Tech DNS lookups


Interesting. Never noticed that.

However I had been having quite regular service disconnections, at least once or twice a week for ages. I.e. the wan connection, not Wi-fi.

Would sometimes reconnect itself but usually swmbo got impatient and did a power cycle.

Got really bad after they updated the firmware on may 27th this year happening every couple of hours.

Talked to BT who suggested a factory reset. Did that and was even worse for about 2 hours then seemed to stabilise itself and has been fine for a week.

Give BT their due i phoned them after reset and said it was still having problems and they sent me one of the little cellphone routers right out and arranged an engineer visit. But of course I pay extra for Halo whatever.

First time I called them she couldn’t get the logs from the router to verify the problem. 2nd time different lady managed to so could actually see the problem.

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