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Excuse me, what just happened? Resilience is tough when your failure is due to a 'sequence of events that was almost impossible to foresee'


Do not have your experts on hand

As well as testing for failure, ensure that the people are considered as part of this. Keep the experts who know what they are doing out of it - they can watch as the other members of the team manage the fail overs. You can watch as much as you like - you only learn when you have to do it. If the team is screwing up - let them - up to a point. Part of learning is how to undig the hole.

The expert may know to do A, B, C - but the documentation only says do A, C.

In one situation someone had to go into a box to press the reset button - but the only person with the key to the box was the manager/senior team leader.

Having junior staff do the work, while the senior staff watch is also good as it means someone who knows is watching for unusual events.

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