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Y'all ready to get back to the office this October, Facebook tells staff in the US

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I find it odd that many tech companies seem to be at odds with each other regarding the future of WFH.

I work at a US outsourcer. ~120,000 employees world wide.

We basically closed all our offices down at the beginning of the pandemic, where we could. With only people who had to be there in person, going in.

In the last 12 months or so, some of the offices have now been closed permanently, either leases not being renewed, or if we owned the site, we've sold them. (My local office has been sold to some property developers)

The company started to push a home first policy. The only people who will go into the office are...

* Those that have to for the role (hardware, secure gov account etc)

* Those who want to, either full or part time

Everyone else (around 90%+ of the company apparently), will be a home worker first.

The company did a questionnaire to find out what equipment we had, or didn't have at home, such as external monitor, mouse/keyboard, wireless headset, desk, proper adjustable chair etc. Anything you were missing, they sent out.

Their viewpoint was that performance had shown no sign of dropping, that people were generally happier (no commute etc), and that the tech, Teams, VPN etc. seemed to be working fine.

They've also been quite strict about work vs personal time, i.e. not checking emails out of work hours etc.

Personally, I haven't installed mobile Outlook or Teams (and there is no company requirement to do so, although some do), so for me, I can only get to my email and voice when on the company provided laptop, which gets turned off when I finish at the end of the day. I don't have a company mobile phone, and I don't hand out my personal number to work people. So if I decide I've done for the day, I've done.

Shame other companies seem to be going backwards!

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