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Same with my company

"Collaboration" is the reason given, but their once intransigent position of 3 days in the office seems to have resulted in a significant amount of pushback, and they're now acting more concerned and trying to understand "what motivates us". Also, people are reminding management that we survived this past year in good stead while *everyone* worked from home.

Well, I'll tell you what motivates me: not spending 3 hrs a day commuting, sitting at a long table in an open office with no privacy and people walking behind me all day, bare cement floors that reflect every sound, and the latest innovation: "hoteling", aka "hot desking" (with its requirement that I set up and tear down my work environment every day -- that's gonna get old real fast).

I can be far more productive for 90% of what I do by WFH. I'm happy to come in to build and test hardware in the lab, but if I have to do desk work, it's going to be at home if I have any say about it.

You know, thinking back to my time at uni -- I did most of my work at home and still managed to get my degrees.

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