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Death by Innovation

We have an internal team whose stated goal is to drive innovation.

Their current "drive" is to demand that IT support Docker on Windows Server 2019.

First, Microsoft has flatly stated that they do not support Docker but they do support a single vendor with a single stack and all support for Docker would have to come through that one vendor. Otherwise, "not our problem.

Second, who the hell wants to build a virtualization stack on top of a Windows Server OS? Really?

Third, and the major nail in the coffin, is that our entire Windows Server environment is already virtualized on VMWare. Microsoft clearly states with no ambiguity that they will not support ANY virtualization stack on any OS that is already virtualized. Forget Docker. Microsoft wont even support HyperV on VMWare (all you VDI wankers remember that Windows 10 now includes Hyper-V turned on in base build, right? Ever wondered why the hell Microsoft would enable virtualization on a standard desktop?). Microsoft clearly states that if your OS is already virtualized and you add Docker to the mix, your OS is entirely unsupported.

We laid these issues out for the Innovation team. Their response? "So as long as we are OK with not getting any support for Docker, we are OK to move forward?"

Our response was that we had no intention of deploying an environment that would result in an unsupported OS on our enterprise shared vmware environment. They would need to deploy their own vmware infrastructure to host their unsupported OS.

Their response?

"IT is being a roadblock to Innovation. We will just buy our own beefy desktops and run Docker on Windows Server 2019 on bare metal."

When asked "why do you even need docker on Windows Server 2019?" their response was purely brillance. "Because we are innovating."

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