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Ah, yes. Like when I worked for a major manufacturer of networking equipment and the access point that (allegedly) served the area including my cube lost its back-haul. I lost track of how many times I filed that, only to have it closed because the WiFi crew had verified that they could connect to the AP. It didn't matter how I phrased "test by connecting to something other than the AP".

I developed a strategy of carrying my laptop close enough to a nearby AP to connect, and _carefully_ walking back to my desk, where I could continue to work via the "wrong" AP until something hiccuped and the laptop sees that wonderfully strong signal from "my" AP and re-connects to the bridge to nowhere.

After a couple months of doing this a couple times a week, I took the obviously less hassle route by moving to another company. This of course is easier in an area like Si Valley.

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