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And gee. . .. . . .with all this supposed demand for Cyber experts. . .you'd think pay would be going up.

You would be wrong. . . ...... SotarrTheWizard

And then compromised and vulnerable systems and struggling administrations wonder why they do battle against the private renegade rogue pirate contractor turned mercenary freelancer ...... and once you realise the benefits and riches which accompany unbridled success in that field of endeavour and exploration, you aint ever going back to supping gruel whenever quaffing champagne is always freely available ....... and one's partners are so grateful and generous with the largesse which is delivered as opposed to just promised whenever not at all well paid by others.

What part of ... Pay Peanuts, get Monkeys ..... do right dodgy systems and failed admins not fully understand? Are they both almightily retarded?

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