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It's completely unsupportable. Yes, we mean your brand new system

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"Company decides to outsource the internal helpdesk. Instead of being operated by employees who have a commitment to the business, it's now run by people who are paid to close calls as quickly as possible and have script-driven responses ("Step 1: have you turned it off and on again?")"

Year 1: heating fails. diagnosed as faulty pump. got working on secondary pump only.

Year 2: heating fails. diagnosed as another faulty pump. unable to resolve immediately as both pumps are now kaput!

Yes, the outsourced help desk passed the problem to an outsourced maintenance company and all the tickets were closed promptly as 'resolved'

(don't get me started on getting them to replace dodgy fluorescent tubes... "we can't get that type anymore", so it's not in the maintenance contract, it's someone else's budget)

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