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Good news for pentesters and network admins: US issues ransomware guidance asking biz to skill up security teams

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There’s no budget for security, entirely preventable. #noahsarksyndrome ..... StuntMisanthrope

Quite so, SM, hence the timely advisory to prepare for biblical deluges overwhelming reigning events.

Whenever information is sifted for actionable intelligence, IT Systems and AI Administrations naturally leak like a sieve to allow riddlers the designedly beneficial advantage of unfair surprise for both prime betatested and experimental operational execution of applications and programs with future programming of the formerly totally unknown and never before suspected or ever expected.

And with so much of that sort of snooping going on in top dog quarters, it is inevitable that there be resultant hellish catastrophes for some, a chosen few and they may be many and far from merry, whilst there will be heavenly new opportunities delivered to be enthusiastically embraced and exercised by others not so deaf, dumb and blind-sided by an inherent and inherited ignorance and abhorrent arrogance/hubristic lack of gain of fantastic function.

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