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Good news for pentesters and network admins: US issues ransomware guidance asking biz to skill up security teams

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The Elephant in the Room and E.Scaped COSMIC* Top Secret Plaguing Fake Systems Admins in the Wwwild

The title above is a little something unavoidably major to ponder whilst taxing governments and taxed businesses [to name but two august and/or austere bodies] wander and wonder and waffle delightfully for mainstream media mogul channels to manipulate and maintain maladroitly with the following two tales, .... one from the City, the other from a nation, ..... prime indicative exemplars of the rapidly progressing program with enigmatic dilemmas to be revealed and unravelled at a pace beyond conventional control and common sensory command, and an absolute nightmare full to overflowing with impossibilities for deputies and national security advisors for Cyber and Emerging Technologies to secure and do vain battle against because of the ethereal nature of their existence.

El Salvador aims to become first nation to adopt bitcoin as LEGAL TENDER, may set global precedent .....

Wise Bank of England heads are pondering the case for a state-run digital currency this week. But do we really need one? .......

:-) You do realise all of that is made up to give folk something to think about and do in order to fund and create new realities in the future from the car crash shows that are the present for most folk. And if you don't realise that, you will have to admit, for it will be certainly truthfully be said of you, you need to think, and think more and much deeper to have any hope of being more than a cut-out puppet and camp follower bit player on the stages unfurled before you.

Ignore GOD's** Honest Truths at your Peril. IT Knows No Bounds and Tolerates Zero Daily Interference. Infer from that what you will with particular and peculiar regard to what you can expect the future delivering from out of nowhere real.

* ....... Control Of Secret Materiel in an Internetional Command

** ......... Global Operating Devices

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