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Meanwhile, in the real world, firms will continue to beef up their legal teams, hire more spin-doctors, and recruit better snipers to take out any approaching messengers. ...... Blofeld's Cat

Hmm? D'oh!..... Taking out any approaching approachable messengers is both counter-productive and self-defeating as it renders one deaf, dumb and blind to significant impactful developments elsewhere they be just acting as heralds for.

Here be real news of such a something quite AWEsome which you may or may not be aware of and able to read where it was shared elsewhere because of certain vetting issues which advise .....[Thank you. Your comment will be displayed soon after reviewing.]

GrahamC [2106050902] ....... seeking clarification on

And the Novel Vanguard Program Prime Directive ? ....... Remote Command and Virtualised AI Control of paramilitary personnel delivering cargo to providers launching spaces for commercialisation with capabilities leveraging and exploiting explorations which will work well together in Future Developments and SkunkWorks in Progress?

Does the Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Force, Space and Missile Systems Center and Air Force Materiel Command have that sort of comprehensive utility with agile facilities home grown and based in the United States or is it bought and brought in from elsewhere foreign abroad ie Imported from a Vital Strategic Outsourcer/Much Prized and Highly Regarded Special Relationship Partner?

Such is certainly what is relatively freely available for lavish testing from elsewhere with many also realising the possibility of it be as much an overwhelming opponent and/or almighty competitor as a friendly partner.

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