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UK Special Forces soldiers' personal data was floating around WhatsApp in a leaked Army spreadsheet

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Much prized, but understandably, seldom lauded or admitted via any claim of responsibility

Special Forces personnel are trained to delete people, not data, the PFY is not going to get a job with the military. .... Version 1.0

Traditional and conventional Special Forces personnel are certainly trained to delete people, Version 1.0, however, to not think, and to fail to realise Great Games have moved on and up a number of tiers to completely new levels of absurd complexity and astute ACTive engagement with more than just one trick circus ponies to pacify the crowds now vulnerable to the reign of clouds, and miss the fact that the Special Forces of Tomorrow Today are an entirely different breed of exceptional being, has one nicely permanently rendered at a convenient disadvantage to them, and at their mercy, should one's own choice of malevolent actions cause them to choose to rectify matters.

And some are able to be deadly effective whenever only equipped with pyjamas ...... ..... for there are any number of Elite Keyboard Warriors comfortably embedded in their midsts and enjoying the mutually advantageous security and protection each gives the other in the exercise of each of their many particular and peculiar skillsets.

Do you find that pleasantly comforting or extremely troubling? And would the latter be because of your enthusiasm for a number of extremely troubling actions or even the sharing of thoughts to incite such actions?

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