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CGT only triggers when you liquidate assets, so you can't use that instead.

LDS seems to be suggesting something more akin to Council Tax than Stamp Duty - i.e. you've got 1000 shares worth £1m, so you need to pay £10k/yr tax on those shares for as long as you hold them. I'm not sure it's a serious suggestion.

> Because foreign people investing in our economy benefits us.

It's not nearly that simple.

It can be beneficial, but isn't automatically so - especially if that "investment" is of a form that means an increasing proportion of "our" funds are funnelled offshore. Trade complicates things significantly. Foreign investment into stuff we can export benefits us (as it effectively moves money into the country, despite some them moving out). Foreign investment that drives up imports though, isn't nearly as clear cut.

> People sending money to your country don't 'owe' you anything.

As above, it's not nearly that simple.

You're a US company, and you've recently set up a warehouse in the UK, and are making a mint shipping widgets around the country, and into the EU (or wherever).

Your business is benefiting from a whole bunch of publicly funded assets:

- Parts coming in are using publicly funded roads, railways etc

- Your lorries are going over publicly funded roads, railways

- Your exports are transiting publicly subsidised ports

- Your workers are being kept healthy/available for work by a publicly funded healthcare system (yes, even in the US)

- Your skilled workers are skilled because of publicly funded education

Your *future* business may also be impacted by how well funded those are - failure to maintain the roads leads to shrinkage because widgets break en-route due to a rough ridge, hiring suitable staff becomes harder because the education system was underfunded, or you can't hire anyone who doesn't break because we've all got scurvy*

*or something

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