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US slaps tariffs on countries that hit Big Tech with digital services taxes ... then pauses them immediately

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No, it's the other way round - they believe that successful companies are endowed by their creator not to pay taxes, while less successful ones, or simply local ones, have to sustain all the tax burden.

Yet, nobody asks the to pay "more" taxes - only the same taxes other less successful ones pay. Being successful the simple amount will be higher.

Here the problem becomes who taxes - US doesn't want US companies European operations to pay taxes in Europe and hope to tax them in US - but European nations can't just look at huge US companies funnel huge amount money outside Europe doing nothing (and other countries as well) and paying peanuts locally. US in the same situation would act the same way.

If Biden believes European and other countries will subsidize his spending plan is utterly wrong and makes he look just as stupid as Trump - simply the money don't exist. For example EU has its spending plan for pandemic recovery as well - and because taxation in most countries is already high enough - more money has to come from those who dodged taxes till now.

It is true that EU has to tackle some internal dodging as well - for example that allowed by Luxembourg and Netherlands (plus others), but two wrongs never make something good.

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