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Give me a (tax) break: UK broadband plumber Openreach to almost double the number of rural premises to receive FTTP

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"Known as “Area 3,” these towns included Blyth in the North East, Ballymoney in Northern Ireland, Llandudno in North Wales, and Peebles in Scotland.

The additional premises announced today will be clustered in similarly hard-to-reach and underserved regions.

These include Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands, Cardigan in Wales, Keswick in Cumbria and Allhallows in Kent."

The last time I was in Keswick, Cumbria, (a few years ago now, admittedly), just getting a mobile signal was well-nigh impossible. FTTP to my hotel will be nice. I cannot help feeling, however, that this will seriously skew house prices in those areas where the 'haves' will be so much better served than the 'have nots'. Still this is much better than nothing, so hopefully a step on the way to full UK FTTP.

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