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Uber drivers can now unionise after ride biz recognises GMB, one of the UK's largest trade unions

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"Take up by drivers is expected to be ultra low btw."

Well, yeah. Paying union dues from minimum wage less vehicle expenses would put them in the negative income territory.

I see Uber, Lyft and the like as a union of gypsy cab drivers already. I'd be very interested in seeing what percentage of drivers have a license to carry passengers and hold commercial insurance. I happed to notice on my policy that driving for Uber or Lyft (named specifically) or any other passenger hire situation is strictly verboten. Insurance companies are always looking for ways to nullify your claims so if you have an accident and file a claim, if the adjuster sees a taxi sticker in the windshield, you may have to prove that you weren't on duty and had insurance to cover that activity. Even if you do get a pay out, you may also be blacklisted from purchasing insurance from them in future.

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