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Unfixable Apple M1 chip bug enables cross-process chatter, breaking OS security model

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Re: So what happened to "Intel Sucks!!! Apple's M1 FTW!!!"

"Why don't you read the description of the vulnerability in the article, again: "A malicious pair of cooperating processes may build a robust channel..." Is this so difficult to understand?."

I wouldn't think so. It's all there in the first 6 words.

"Separate and disjoint processes that should normally share nothing can now read each other's data."

Possibly, but not because of this exploit. You're not distinguishing between "A malicious pair of cooperating processes" cooperatively passing data (as you would through IPC, temp file, etc) and a single hostile process reading the soul of the kernel.

"leave Intel out of it." "No that wasn't me."

It's literally the fifth word in the title you chose for this thread. I'm starting to smell troll.

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