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Uber drivers can now unionise after ride biz recognises GMB, one of the UK's largest trade unions

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"Someone is going to pay for it."

Uber has consistently lost billions every year because they're more interested in gaining market share than actually operating a profitable business. So what difference will it make if their costs go up a bit? Today they lose $1 billion, tomorrow they lose $1.5 billion. It's not their money, venture capitalists have been happy to shovel all that cash into the hole. If they didn't care about it before, why would they start caring now?

In a normal world, sure, if you force a company to pay their workers more, that additional cost will be passed on to customers so the business can stay in business. With the likes of Uber, there is simply no connection between costs and income, so there's no reason to expect anything sensible to happen as a result of any changes.

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