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They don't have to have direct orders.

As with Trump, the whole point is to have legions of sycophantic goons who will do your bidding as long as you just wink in their general direction, thereby demonstrating what loyal asslickers they are.

Trump was quite good about never actually explicitly telling anyone to do anything bad. For instance, in his speech before the US capitol invasion he told them 'you need to fight' 'to save the vote' two dozen times, but he never actually told them to go invade the US Capitol and kill people, so later on he could deny all culpability and even call them traitors, throwing them under the bus. When he called the Georgia's Francis Watson to get her to produce fake votes that would let him win, he never actually told her to do it, he just strongly hinted that it would be a good thing if she did it and she should do it. Thankfully, she had a spine.

Modi is in a stronger position. The police know where their bread is buttered now and will move with crushing force over any legitimate criticism of the regime. Even when Modi himself is hiding in a bunker now, curled up crying and licking his balls out of sight like he does any time there's a crisis.

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