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I tend to agree.

When I view a PDF on Linux or BSD it's with Atril, the default PDF viewer for Mate [I always disable in-browser reading whenever possible].

There's also a version of Evince that runs on windows. I installed it years ago when the (bundled) Adobe in Win 7 kept asking me for an e-mail address [so it went into the bit bucket]. I mean, WHY does a PDF READER need MY E-MAIL ADDRESS??

Now I checked the list o' tested PDF readers and saw NEITHER Evince nor Atril listed. Maybe they don't do the "enhanced certified" thing? I'd just as soon leave it that way, yeah.

What I do when I need to sign a PDF: print relevant pages, sign, scan, FAX or attach to e-mail (as PDF, yeah). Or just print multiple copies, sign & date one for myself and one for the other party, and use snail-mail or sneaker-net. There's NO school like the OLD school!

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