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Indian police visit local Twitter HQ after government spokesperson's tweet labelled as 'manipulated'


Totally Manipulated

Twitter is absolutely in the right here. Modi's government are complete lying sacks of shiat, and nearly everything they say is a lie (sometimes the BJP does accidentally tell the truth).

It's the same gameplan as with every other country run by a populist, racist, incompetent angry toddler. India, the US (last year), Brazil, the Philippines, Russia, Britain (now saved by aggressive vaccination), Belarus, Hungary, plus too many in Africa to list.

These governments spend more resources on crushing critics and media than fighting COVID-19 because they've already declared that COVID-19 is not a problem and we should all have our unmasked religious festivals where we all french kiss each other because God will protect us.

Narenda Modi is an aggressively evil, incompetent tyrant, and he's unleashed the full might of his normally useless, ass-kissing sycophants in the Indian government to crush any dissenters so hundreds of thousands of more Indians can die as long as he can cling to power.

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