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Qualcomm hopes to attract devs to Windows 10 on Arm with new testbed, spins up 2nd-gen 7c cheapbook chips

Neil Barnes Silver badge

Last time I looked, at cheaper chromebooks, insufficient RAM, insufficient 'disk' space, and of course it wasn't always easy to rip the chrome out and put Linux on instead... things have probably changed and I should probably look again.

I have been vaguely considering a new laptop, and something without the hidden system engines that Intel and AMD are so fond of appeals to me... but I have some critical applications I do need and at present I don't know if there are ARM builds for them: immediate requirements include

- the full C developer suite

- Kicad

- Logisim Evolution

- Firefox

- STM Cube IDE

- Gimp

- LibreCad

- XSane


- LyX

- the usual LibreOffice stuff

- Salaea Logic

- 16GB ram

- 0.5Tb 'disk'

And no doubt others which will occur to me only when I try and run them... I don't know whether any or all of these applications are available; I haven't looked at any in detail. But they're what I'm regularly using now.

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