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Indonesia’s national health insurance scheme leaks at least a million citizens' records

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Every time I see a report like this

I wonder why systems are needed that can deliver such massive amounts of data in such a short time.

I'm not suggesting that fast access to data is generally a bad thing, but where you are dealing with things like medical records, or financial records, it seems to me that other than for data mining, the main requirement is that e.g. my doctor can get *my* record quickly. He might need *your* record in half an hour, and my neighbour's record in a couple of days. But he doesn't need a million records *now*...

I cheerfully acknowledge that I am not an IT professional in any way, but I can't help feeling that there's something wrong in the design of a database that allows its core data to be exported in bulk - whether that is by repeated accesses to the database or by bulk copying the physical file data.

Probably I need to think about this a little more... but I am happy to be educated. Anyone?

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