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Filters are good actually

If people don't want to see certain content, this is good and should be supported and encouraged.

If some conservative want to not hear anything about people they consider immoral, I'm all for it! Why do you want to make this person angry? The only benefit to not allowing people to block certain categories is inciting outrage that you can then react against.

This isn't even about Cloudflare kicking LGBTQ people off their platform, this is about self-determining your internet landscape. There is no censorship angle - as I keep being told, free speech does not entitle you to an audience.

Honestly, if people had been able to block black people from their perception during the Civil Rights era, I think it would have been a less bloody conflict, and have achieved the same outcome.

The part where it gets problematic here, imo, is parents blocking content for their children, not for their own use. Unfortunately, this may also be the most common use. I am incredibly conflicted about this, leaning somewhat against. But the general concept of blocking LGBTQ topics for your own consumption is good and valid.

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