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I've been pretty happy with CenturyLink DSL. Admittedly, I'm only getting 22 MBPS down instead of the 30 advertised, but I'm getting 1.8 up instead of the 1.5 advertised, and I had signed up for that speed primarily due to the improved upload speed. I had 10 down, 1 up previously, and it really was what they said it was, every time I tested it.

Contrast with the case a few years back, when a broadband company in... New York? ran their speed tests using their best hardware, stopping all other traffic on that segment until the test was done. Then sold hardware that wasn't capable of meeting the speeds it was sold for, and even if it was capable, the ISP's systems couldn't handle all the customers at that speed anyway. The real speed was 10% of the advertised one. (Wish I could find a link. Quick DDG didn't find it, but I can't remember the company name now.)

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