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It is best to pick:

a) A systemically important bank, Danske Bank, f.ex.

b) Wait till after they get nailed for money laundering.

c1) ... follow the scandal, at some point, worse news, like coming under the baleful eyes of the US finacial inspection, will come out but the stock is not really going down, this is the optimum time to buy, leaving maybe half a decades of "growth" possible before the muppets stuff it up again.

c2) ... follow the scandal, at some point, they will finally half-admit to possibly therew is some things, but, *we* all know that there is more, and juicier, from the passive-agressive communications. This is a wilder ride, because the stock will tank again on every nugget of shit extracted from them.

c) Don't fret over missing out on Danske, they are all in it!

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