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Story is actually from Nov 2020

According to these guys here:

I do have awesome news for cheapskates like me who have a thrift-store PS3 Eye webcam who can't get it to work on Windows 64-bit because there's only 32-bit drivers, and 64-bit Teams won't use 32-bit webcams (it's like, obstinate about it).

The trick is to use the 32-bit edition of OBS studio freeware and install the virtual webcam extension, which presents to Windows as a 64-bit service.

What you do is restrict the video capture from the full-res 640x480 to a diminished window of 640x360, and by cutting off those 120 vertical pixels the remaining picture is of 16:9 proportion, and can then be served via Teams as a mock 720P picture.

The best part is you can avoid "ManyCam" scamware, defy Microsoft's forced obsolescence of 32-bit web cameras, and compel your workplace to suffer with the low-res output of your thrift store prowess. Universal win on all fronts & I can confirm it actually works in the end. I am not a crank!

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