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Fancy trying to explain Microsoft Teams to your parents? They may ask about the new Personal version

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I'm a 'parent'....

I suppose I should have one of my (adult) children explain Teams to me -- my daughter uses it extensively for work but I've never found it very much use. I think like a lot of Microsoft products its usefulness depends on it integrating with other Microsoft products (most notably Office). If you don't spend your life in Office then its just, well, noise.

Now about this 'old person challenged by technology' trope. Time has moved on and today's old people tend to include the people who are responsible for the explosion of computing and communications that we now take for granted. We're actually a rather unique bunch because unlike those who came before who couldn't separate the systems from mathematics and those that came after who just accept any old marketing junk as gospel we're the crew that climbed the ladder step by step from the earliest descrete machines to today's supercomputer on a chip. Not everyone's an enthusiast anxious to incorporate 'the latest' into their lives (especially as a lot of 'the latest' is bug ridden crap). This doesn't mean we don't understand technology but rather that we do understand it rather too well.

Just sayin'

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