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Microsoft being "late to the party" is pretty much a given. They haven't done all that well in catching up in most other areas, which is why no one much uses/d their browser or search engine or phone.

And in the case of Zoom it's not just a matter of habit. There's an awful lot of inertia too. Everyone relies on Zoom, and has pretty much got used to it. The government uses Zoom, and my wife's Brownie group does too. And everyone in between.

Who's going to say "Let's rearrange our gathering to be on Teams" to people who've spent a year getting used to Zoom. And what would the response be if they did? Particularly now with the end of lockdown in sight and people actually able to meet face to face. And all the extra bells and whistles won't help, because to get into a non-techie mass market it's ease and simplicity of use that matters most. Stuff that "just works" with no clever choices that stop the actual purpose of the software from happening.

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