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The Katie Bouman postulate

1) Take a black hole, the path of light that escapes from the black hole must swirl around it as it nears the black hole (frame dragging, curved field, doesn't matter how you imagine it, so lets use the 'twisted space' analogy).

2) You are on a planet falling into the black hole, observing that light as it manages to escape the black hole.

3) You perceive light's path as if its always straight:

3a) Light does not carry memory of its former path, so there is no information in the light to tell you of its non-straight prior path.

3b) You perceive light's path as being straight based on its *local* behavior.

3c) So without further information it travels straight, as far as you could ever be aware given the information available to you.

3d) See that mirage floating in the sky above the desert? It's actually a city below the line of the horizon. That light is bent, yet you perceive the light as if it's straight because the light has no way of telling you the path it took.

4) So you observe the black hole based on the light coming from it, which is a curved path, but yet you perceive as if it was straight.

5) So the direction to the black hole must be curved.

6) So space must be curved.

See Katie Bouman's little black hole? The one she photographed and put on social media for you boys? She made it look far far away right?

1) The bigger the black hole we are next to, the tighter the twisting up of space, the further lights path to reach us.

2) The further light travels to reach us, the further away the black hole appears to be, because we perceive light as if it travels in a straight line and at constant speed.

3) And since we perceive light as traveling in a straight line, the angle subtended by the black hole is smaller the further light travels.

4) SO A BIGGER BLACK HOLE APPEARS TO BE FURTHER AWAY THAN A SMALLER BLACK HOLE IN THE SAME LOCATION, because the bigger black hole twists up space more than the smaller black hole.

5) So Katie's little black hole only *appears* to be far far away, Katie's hole might be a really really really big hole, a massive huge giant black hole, very very close nearby.

What is Katie's hole pointing at?

1) Since light is being dragged around *with* the black hole as it turns, so the turn of the black hole's is stationary relative to the light coming from near its event horizon.

2) So the black hole won't appear like we're circling the rim, even if we are. The light we see appears to come from a fixed position relative to her hole.

3) i.e. Katie's hole appears to pointing directly at just us, with the rim around the outside. But in reality Katie's hole is pointing at *everyone* in the universe. Katie's hole is like that, its a property of Katie's hole.

4) And the magical/improbable observed property that her black hole appears to point directly at us, is therefore evidence we are circling the rim of Katie's black hole, and not some other woman's black hole. Katie's hole is pointing directly at us? My aren't we special? No we're not, anyone can see it like that. Anyone! Katie's hole is not *exclusive* to us. Any species, anywhere in the Universe can look directly at Katie's hole.

Katie's hole is moving further away from us, right? So how can we be plunging into it? It's because Katie's hole only *appears* to be elusive.

1) Katies hole is twisting up space *faster* near the event horizon than further out where we are.

2) Thus the path of the light from the hole to us is lengthening. So the distance *appears* to be increasing.

3) So Katies hole appears out of reach and moving further away.

4) This is another possible cause of universe expansion: Katies hole could be so massive it stretching the whole perception of space in the whole Universe.

And since space must be curved, there cannot be three *independent* dimensions: effects in one axis have components in the other axis' depending on where you are in space.

And we represent a local distortion of that space, making that field uneven, i.e. 'dirty'. Katie's hole stretches space and we also stretch Katie's hole.

1) If Katies hole was perfectly clean, then light would follow a perfect path and travel around the black hole for infinity at the event horizon. Circling the rim, but never plunging in.

2) But Katie's hole *must* be dirty, because we make it dirty by our presence, so stuff can get inside Katie's hole.

3) Katie has already shown her hole is trembling in a separate experiment, dirty.

In conclusion, the universe as we know it is being sucked into Katie Boumans dirty black hole, a much larger hole than here social media photograph makes it appear, so massive that its distorting the space around it offering itself to everyone.

Have you never heard of the Katie Bouman postulate? Don't they teach that in schools these days?

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