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I just want a good OLED screen with the latest HDMI or DP, in a frame more durable and thicker than my fingernail, so that I can immediately plug something else into it to make it "smart" that actually works reliably and not worry about the panel shattering the second I look at it wrong, respectively.

I'd rather he money was used for more HDMI/DP ports than pointless "smart" crap. I'd be happy with large, low-lag screen with 8+ HDMI ports and no "smart" gubbins. Yes 8 is bit of an overkill, but 4 (especially with one possibly used for ARC) is not really enough (think 2-3 consoles, Pi/NUC for "smart", possibly another PC or two, DVD, LaserDisc.... etc). Preferably with discrete selelction of ports via IR or wired remote control.

Sadly the "industrial" options whilst not having the unnecessary smarts, often also don't have large numbers of ports and as you said often have rather mediocre panels in them.

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