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I think we desperately need to emphasize the negative because the positive terrifies our leadership. Looking behind the propaganda barrage what we see is a rapidly developing society that's trying to provide for all its citizens, a society that requires its corporations to pay more than lip service to the notion of social responsibility. This combination of national success with social development is very powerful, its the sort of message that may not resonate with us but certainly sounds good to innumerable people condemned to live with grinding poverty and chronic instability -- the implied message is "If we can do it then you can", something that's really dangerous to our interests.

We have tried to make China in our image several times, first as imperialists, then as global capitalists. The Chinese have played along when it suits them but they have their own culture, ambitions and goals so it was inevitable that our interests should diverge. We're now trying to manage them by putting them down, by a Cold War level of propaganda and encirclement threats. This message sells well to our people -- everyone now knows China as 'autocratic", for example -- but its ultimately doomed to fail. As we will do unless we grow up and learn to compete properly.

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