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It's shockingly difficult to find non-smart TVs (affectionately "dumb TVs") that have decent picture quality and features. No, I don't want the latest in HBO Disnetfluhu Plus Max Prime built-in, I don't want image smoothing or post-processing, I don't want a camera and microphone, I don't want to pay inflated rates for buggy software that will inevitably reach EOL in a few months with a terrible unintuitive Wiimote-like remote that makes using the trite somehow more painful—I just want a good OLED screen with the latest HDMI or DP, in a frame more durable and thicker than my fingernail, so that I can immediately plug something else into it to make it "smart" that actually works reliably and not worry about the panel shattering the second I look at it wrong, respectively.

I unironically have investigated industrial-grade, no frills, ultra-durable televisions, but unfortunately they usually skimp on the "television" part and have terrible cheap panels, while costing 3 to 4 times more. Despite that, I still can't help but think they are superior.

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