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WebOS on LG Tvs, tell me about it!

"Perhaps more ironically, given the circumstances, HP ended up selling WebOS to LG, which adapted the tech for its smart TVs."

I, unfortunately, paid for one of these "WebOS" TVs. It sat around in its box for almost a year while my "TV room" was being built. When I eventually switched it on the picture and sound were not too bad, but the WebOS UI was simply appalling. I kid you not, it takes at least a minute to change channels most of the time, and sometimes considerably longer. Just scrolling thorough the channels it can take 10-15 seconds to display the next page. Pathetic. I tried to return it but by then I had the thing for over a year. Of course, LG were totally disinterested with my complaints.

I have managed to get the thing working much better by connecting a Raspberry Pi based Kodi media centre and effective not using the WebOS "smart" features at all.

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