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I have about 5 or 6. I kept one of my original 16GB Touchpads in the brown box(mailing box, the device box is white) from the firesale never opened. Don't know why just wanted to.

Two of my touchpads get daily use and have for many years as digital picture frames(the others are mainly spares). Paired with the touchstone charging dock they just sit there scrolling through hundreds to thousands of pictures. Have a 3rd with touchstone which I did use as a picture frame too but stopped using it for now as I don't have a good spot to put it where it would actually be noticed often.

Took some time to work around limitations in the software in getting a more random selection of pictures as well as distributing them in directories where the file quantity wasn't too big for the device to deal with. Also cropped the pictures to minimize the cpu required to auto resize when displaying as well as limiting pictures to either portrait or landscape to maximize viewing area. I've been quite impressed with how well they have held up, 0 failures in a decade. I would of expected at least a screen to die or memory to go bad or something. Their clocks aren't accurate as they are never on the network so there is serious drift but I don't use them for clocks.

I remember spending at least a couple hours working through errors on HP's site the day of the fire sale to buy some, bought four 16GB models at the time(used 2 for gifts at the time and sold one at cost to a friend), and had bought a single 32GB model day 1 from best buy whom later refunded me the difference in cost once the firesale started I think.

Still have a HP Pre3 as well though that has mostly sat in a box since I got my Galaxy note 3 (been on S8 Active for a couple of years, no plans to upgrade anytime soon, maximizing battery life as best as I can with dongles that limit charging time).

WebOS was pretty neat, though it was clear it was pretty doomed when HP appeared unwilling to invest in it, instead they tossed what $10 billion at Autonomy instead? It was going to take several billion to even consider trying to compete seriously with Android/IOS.

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