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> Are you out of your mind ?

> 5% and not a cent more.

And how did you decide that 5% was better than 4.93% or 5.2%?

The free market way is not to pick a number but to allow more than one store operated by more than one operator: each store being free to set its own markup rate and the customer being free to choose the store they prefer.

So Apple can continue to charge a markup for apps that conform to its guidelines e.g. include icons for all screen resolutions for all supported models, however trite and irrelevant they are to you. Gucci would be free to set up a store which could charge a premium for special Gucci-branded versions of apps. And lastly - to satisfy Epic - there could be a Poundland store at bargain basement prices with bargain basement checking of the apps.

Epic can sit in there and have fun working out how much money they're saving from not paying the Apple markup versus the reputational damage cost from being alongside the cesspit sellers. After all - and this is a key point - Epic want change but there is no guarantee when the dust settles that any of the new stores will provide a natural home for Epic and its customers.

What I don't want is for Epic to win the case in such a way that the bargain basement store is then forced on everyone.

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