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When you live in a country the size of India then four hours is considered within close range.

I have some relos in Aus (I'm a Brit) and my great aunt lived 40 odd miles away from her nearest neighbour. Here it's 45 miles from Yeovil to Exeter and the SW of England is considered quite but not very rural. I also have relos in Canada and some in the US. Those are also quite large places with some very sparsely populated areas. I might go as far as describing CA as quite sodding big.

Four hours from Yeovil gets you to Derby (Midlands, England) and: Very roughly, one hour to BRS + one hour wait + one hour in the air ... hello Dublin, Ireland (Blackpool!) It takes about five hours to get to Blackpool (Lancs) from here.

So, it depends ... when you talk about "far." The Voyagers I and II are moving quite rapidly and in four hours they cover about 140,000 miles. The moon is about 240,000 miles away from earth. "About" is around two significant figures here.

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