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And sheer practicality, at least as far as pipeline replacement goes. At one end there's a huge (relative to tanker size) source and at the other a huge receiver. Somehow you've got to get tiddly tanker connections into those and then take off tiddly tanker sized portions at one end, receive them at the other and get them back into whatever sort of storage or process the pipeline was feeding.

In the early '90s there was a water shortage in part of West Yorkshire. Yorkshire Water got hold of every tanker capable of carrying potable liquids (another constraint on availability of tankers is what they're specified to carry) so that commuting along the M62 I passed tankers coming the other way about twice a minute between Keilder and Scammonden. It served its purpose in providing a minimal supply until there was adequate rainfall but it wasn't at normal volumes and it wasn't sustainable.

Nowadays there's a water distribution grid to avoid that. I hope it's secure.

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