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Who you gonna call .....

... whenever Alien Celestial Existential ExtraTerrestrial comes a'knocking removing all pretentious barriers?

Who/What does an M or a C or a Q talk to whenever floating about like a cork all at Sea in a TEMPESTuous Storm with Zero Novel NEUKlearer See/Approved Improved Enlightening Sight?

“There is no doubt that we are facing a moment of reckoning,” said Fleming, ominously. “But it’s clear that to face up to this moment of reckoning, we need to protect and build our strategic technology advantage. By that, I mean using science and tech to help defend against threats. To amplify our values. And as a consequence, make Britain stronger and more prosperous.”

Does GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming, who oversees the surveillance agency's NCSC offshoot, actually believe Britain has any viable strategic technology advantage program with platforms and projects and presentations providing exceptionally mutually beneficial satisfaction to all impacted, to protect and build upon and defend against all manner of crazy and/or misguided threats .......... or is the honest truth, such is what UKGBNI and others are confronted by and identify as a hostile enemy threat to be repulsed in mad battles rather than realise as an extremely attractive addictive treat to be enthusiastically encouraged and ACTively exploited and engaged with?

To persevere in pursuit of the former with thoughts of defence morphing into implausible plans for attack rather than simply accepting and engaging with the civilised sophisticated agencies and unique universal utility of the latter, would be a colossal blunder costing traditional inherited and conventionally commanded and conveniently controlled SCADA systems more blood and treasure, pain and grief than it is possible to endure and survive.

There is no doubt that we are facing a moment of reckoning,” must be a prime candidate for the understatement of the century at least.

What do y'all want to do about IT? Is there anything you think you can effectively and efficiently do, or would you just rather it was sort of magically fixed for you by others you're best not knowing too much about for your own safety, at whatever it costs which will certainly not be cheap in the fields and ranges that generate key interest in the sums and to the tunes of billions and trillions?

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