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One thing that really pees me off is buying stuff online and I get to the 'checkout' stage and I have to set up an account with yet another username and password, for a company I will probably never buy from again in the next 5 years. I generally try to find some other supplier. Some companies do have a 'proceed as guest' payment option, which I use, and is welcome, but on the occasions where I've needed to generate an account, what do I do, write down the password or just realise I'm going to forget it in the next half hour anyway?

Yes backups are really useful, but they have to be offline at some time so that the ransomers can't encrypt those as well.

Oh and as for "In order for any of the above to work you need managers that understand IT, you need to pay engineers enough money they actually give a shit about the company." I feel your pain, bro, I feel your pain*.

*Or at least I did until I retired a couple of years ago.

Sorry, RANT OVER. I need a drink.

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