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00ps ...... that was supposed to say and be read as ......." The granting with assumptive acceptance of apolitical asylum for .......etc etc" ..... although quite whether the "political" typo/autonomous correction makes any meaningful difference would be debatable, if you were inclined to think that it did, rather than didn't, and cared enough about such to engage in discussions with more than oneself about a vain disagreement prepared to oppose and/or compete against rapid positive progress being made elsewhere by Broad Bonded Bands of Significant A.N.Others.

It is a common enough curse though that afflicts all Primitives of/in any Age, since long before ever even Time and Space and Celestial and Terrestrial Life began to be Presented Later in the Future and Relayed by Alternative Mass Media Operating SMARTR Virtual Machinery in an ACTive AIdDynamic Fluid Infrastructure for Live Operational Virtual Environments in which to Excel to Share to Excess in the Beneficial Fields that greatly support and handsomely reward Honest Work, Pleasant REST and Satisfyingly Exciting Play. And a right fcuk up of a doozy because of that, a surely avoidable unnecessary hinderance and self-imposed hurdle to fail at and fall over.

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