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Frankly it should, they had a vote just a couple of years ago and lost. However the bitch from the north cant stop her mouth flapping. It seems that the Scottish cant stop voting for her and her high tax, mismanaging bunch of thugs.

However, I think it is not a matter of Scottish independence, Scotland is currently part of the UK, its a UK matter. The referendum should be a UK wide thing - just as the EU referendum was. This may be an approach the awd bitch should back, I can pretty near guarantee that if you include the English in the vote then Scotland will be independent the following day. There is of course the money the Scottish need to pay for their share of the debt and the relocation of the naval and airforce facilities. The setting up of a currency of their own. And if the awd biddy does get her way your independence will not last for long and you will become an insignificant part of the EU to be told what to do by the Germans - they are not nearly as nice as the English, you wont get as much money for a start, you will be forced to use the euro and then cripple what is left of your industry and way of lie by obeying German started rules. Good luck with it.

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