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So there is no benefit in being able to invest in our own industry, decide our own policies, decide whether to send troops somewhere or not, our own taxation, our own laws?

If there isnt why the hell did our forefathers fight the French, Spanish and Germans to maintain our independence? We may just as well have let the Nazis come in and decide who was allowed to breed or not.

Now I do agree that BoJo signing the stupid trade agreement (under pressure from pro europeans) fucked up the leave. Frankly I dont want to stay aligned to a block that doesnt import anything anyway and even confiscates lorry drivers cheese sandwiches as if they were an import to be resold (hell, the Dutch, Germans and even the French known nowt about cheese, their tasteless rubbery offerings are inedible).

I have a suggestion for those who want to be ruled by Brussels and the inevitable large scale bribery (they are NO better than the UK MPs and civil servants about being bribed - I have worked on lobbying in Brussels and it is a case of crossing palms with the requisite amount of presents), go and move to the EU. Its not difficult, a little paperwork and you are there. I doubt my grandad would have wanted to stop anyone moving to Nazi Germany, he just wanted to stop Nazi Germany coming to the UK, something Heath forgot all about

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