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Re: Covert pen testers .... getting right down and dirty to the base root of all that matters

IT's the gift that just keeps on giving, Eclectic Man.

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. ..... Albert Einstein

And defending the indefensible is always going to deliver attackers the goods secreted and squirrelled away for exclusive hostile use, abuse and misuse in elite executive office state environments.

The just natural result and unavoidable consequences of that provision to successful red-team pentester services are easily imagined to be realised by that and those uncovered and exposed and hacked as being nothing less than dire and deadly serious.

Who you gonna call then when there is No Hiding Place? Whitehall 1212? An AC12 Type Clone Department? Special Operations Virtual Forces ? :-)

A leading/searching question to ask and be answered then is ........ "What are you calling them for to do?" ........ with why, and for whom in support of what, swiftly following. Those four simple questions can prove to be extremely problematical for some, who should really have known know better, to answer truthfully because of the dirty secrets and massive conspiratorial activity they would clearly reveal and identify as being maintained and sustained by them whenever wielded and fielded in evidence before a jury of peers.

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