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NHS Digital booking website had unexpected side effect: It leaked people's jab status

William Towle

All well and good? If only

> In order to book you either need your NHS number or Name (as registered at the GP), DOB and Post Code.

Everything ties in AFAICT.

Although ... after my first NHSvaccine text message I didn't yet have the number and used personal details to query which centres would be available once I had the number.

On a second site visit -after receiving notice of NHS ID- it was suggested I'd made bookings and not turned up, rather than merely having let a session expire(!!) ... and later still -prompted by the NHS reminder that I had yet to see suitable location options- tried again and made the booking.

Meanwhile, in both NHSvaccine messages it was suggested my GP would also be in touch, which hasn't happened despite their surgery having been made available for the jabs. Not that they haven't been in touch, just that what I was sent was yet another survey URL that didn't go to my email address (despite recording a preference to that effect) rather than anything critical. Several times over. After being rudely woken at 6am on four consecutive days by the latest batch I replied with "STOP" and was pleasantly surprised to find that worked.

On top of the travel fiasco *this* is not happy news having already concluded "at least there's something working"... :(

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