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A question if I may?

Exactly whom would you sack?

The "policy", if that is the correct description for the ongoing malignant incompetence that is the NHS's method of handling personal information, has been in place for decades, through more than one change of government and quite a few Ministers. It is entirely possible that the Civil Servants implementing said cock-up have also changed, moved to private practice and retired.

So what hot body would you like to sack, jail and otherwise inconvenience?

Hint, it ain't *all* Boris's fault. He may have picked the latest tranche of bosses and he may loosely oversee grand patterns of "policy" but the actual running of the service is a mass, group effort.

So, whom should we go after?

N.B. I love UKLand's N.H.S., they have kept me alive, abated my suffering and helped my loved ones for "free" on many occasions and I genuinely owe them my life. At the receiving end, some of them, many of them, are truly wonderful people. But ... as an organisation it could stand to be improved a little.

Nothing's perfect.

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